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Protect your ears

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Stop ringing ears

Do you know that ringing in your ears after a night out? It’s the first sign of hearing damage. 1 out of 4 people experience tinnitus, a constant beep in the ears. Most concerts, festivals and clubs reach sound levels above 100 decibels. At this level, you risk hearing damage after 15 minutes. Because no good party ever ended after 15 minutes, Loop earplugs are the best solution to party harder and longer!

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Clear highs, full basses

Experience music without distortion and talk easily with your friends. Music and speech remain clear, at a lower volume.

Elegant and discrete

Loop is the first ear plug that looks great. It sits discretely in your ear and doesn't stick out.

Ultimate comfort

Choose between heat-activated foam or silicon eartips (both included) and forget you're wearing them.

No more ringing ears

Loop gives a 20 decibel equal sound reduction. Party all night and protect your ears.

"Most comfortable and subtle earplugs I ever used. Cool design and a neutral, filtered sound."

DJ Sixty69Nine

"Unique design, great music quality and comfortable even after using it for hours. I'm a fan!"

Bert Lecomte, Tinnitus expert

"First earplug that looks elegant. Lot of people asked me what I was wearing."

Karlien Vanden Eynde

"It's cool they're 3D printed. There's more technology than meets the eye."

Jorian Vanvossel

"Loop is discrete! When I go out, I don't want earplugs sticking out of my ears."

Anouck Deschilder