Why should I wear earplugs?

Did you ever come home from a night out and heard that ringing sound in your ears? You're not alone! According to the World Health Organisation 1.1 billion people risk hearing damage due to damaging levels of sound at nighclubs, bars and events. Earplugs are by far the best solution to prevent this.

How does Loop compare?

Existing earplugs do not deliver the best nightlife experience. They either sound bad, look ugly, are uncomfortable or too expensive. Loop is the first earplug that combines great sound, comfort and looks at an affordable price. Check out our comparison table on the Technology page.

Are they reusable?

Absolutely! We designed Loop to last several years and many parties. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth. We highly recommend replacing the eartips after 3-6 months of use. Comply isolation T-400 eartips can be bought at complyfoam.com. Silicon eartips via our own website.

Will they fit my ears?

We developed Loop to make sure it fits everyone above 14. Because every person’s ear canal is different we supply 2 different types of eartips. Choose body-heat activated foam that adapt to your ear canal for ultimate comfort and isolation. Or go for hybrid silicon eartips for ease of use and durability. You’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Can I use Loop for other purposes?

We designed Loop for nightlife. It is acoustically tuned to provide an equal 20dB sound reduction across all frequencies. Music and speech remain clear at a lower volume. This means you can also use them for travel, sporting events, at work, etc.