The first round shaped earplug for better sound and looks

Loop is on a mission to save the world from tinnitus by making earplugs desirable

  • 1.1 billion people risk hearing damage, while only 15% of young adults wear earplugs
  • Loop is the first round-shaped earplug that sits discreet and elegant in your ear 
  • Designed for concerts, festivals, nightclubs and more
  • In collaboration with University of Delft, leading partner in R&D Development

After a successful launch in Belgium, Loop is taking its earplugs for music worldwide. The Belgian startup launches the first pair of round shaped earplugs. Loop protects your ears from damaging sounds without ruining your music experience or outfit. A new approach on earplugs for better acoustics and looks, developed in collaboration with the University of Delft. Loop is available in 8 different colors and for sale on and Amazon for $29.95.

Once upon a time...

The story of Loop starts with its founders: Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O, college friends who both ended up with ringing ears (tinnitus) after a night out. Tinnitus affects more than 50 million people in the United States alone an according to the World Health Organization that number will only increase since more than 1.1 billion people risk hearing damage.

In the search for a solution to their tinnitus, the founding duo ended up testing more than 20 different earplugs, of which none met their expectations. "When going out, I want to enjoy music to the fullest, but we only found uncomfortable earplugs that deformed the sound and moreover looked ugly", says Maarten Bodewes.

Round shape for better sound

Most earplugs sound bad because they block your ear without compensating for the natural resonance your ear canal makes. Instead of blocking this resonance, Loop mimics it. Doing so with a hollow acoustic channel, sound channel designed in collaboration with Dynamic Ear Company from the University of Delft. By letting sound waves pass through it, both music and speech remain clear and natural. Because the acoustic channel had to be compact and fit every ear, Loop turned to the latest 3D-printing technologies. The result is a round shaped earplug.

An advanced filter at the end of the acoustic channel protects your ears and lowers the sound to an enjoyable level. Most music venues like clubs and concerts can reach up to a sound level of 100dB, which is far above the recommended limit of 85dB, and can cause permanent hearing damage. By lowering all frequencies equally, with a 20dB reduction, you are protected from harmful sounds at all time while music and speech remain clear.

Round shape for better looks

Loop’s round acoustic channel is functional and defines the earplug's unique look. “We didn’t want to develop yet another earplug, we wanted to design one you actually want to wear and don’t feel embarrassed about”, says Maarten Bodewes. The earplug doesn’t stick out and sits discreetly in your ear. Loop is available in 8 different colors like; Midnight Black, Glorious Gold and Raving Red.

Multiple eartips for better fit 

Because one size often doesn't fit all, each set of Loop comes with 3 different sets of eartips. Soft silicon eartips for ease of use and durability, in both medium and small size. Comply memory foam, in size medium, that uses body temperature and adjusts to the unique shape of your ear.

Different Colors 

Loop earplugs come in 8 different colors: Midnight and Gloss Black, Funky Blue, Raving Red, Electric White, Glorious Gold, Swinging Silver and Strike a Pose Rose. Each set includes three different sets of eartips and a protective pouch. Loop earplugs are available online at and on Amazon, for 29,95$/€29,95 per pair.


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